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Lister Liberty LITHIUM Battery Re-Cell


Service to fit new battery cells in your existing Lister LITHIUM Clipper Battery

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1) Repairable Battery
If your Liberty Lithium battery works to power your clippers for a few minutes then yes it can be re celled.

2) Not Repairable Battery
If your Liberty Lithium battery will not run your clipper for a short time then probably the circuit board in the battery is faulty and cannot be repaired.
In this case we can test your battery but may not be able to re cell it. To return an item we cannot repair costs £5 plus postage.

Service to replace
the battery cells in your existing Lister Liberty LITHIUM horse clipper battery with new ones, before testing and returning it to you by 1st class post.

The new battery cells are over 5000 mAh which gives around 3 hours clipping time.
You can include your charger with your battery and we will check this is working also.

48 Hour Service
 We aim to return your clipper battery within 2 working days.
 If for any reason we can’t meet this target we will email you a revised date.

For more details see: about clipper battery services.

Send your battery to us :

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL

Posting Clipper Batteries in the UK:
Post Office: You can post your used Lister LITHIUM battery at the Post Office though you should include a “device” which is either the clipper or the charger.  Wrap your battery securely in bubble wrap and package this within a cardboard box.

With UPS: You can post just the battery with UPS.  Wrap your battery securely in bubble wrap and package in a cardboard box.  Also attach the label “Lithium Ion Batteries — forbidden aboard passenger aircraft.

Should I Send My Charger with My Battery?
– Royal mail do specify a ‘device’ to be posted with used batteries.
– If you do include your charger we will test it is working for no extra charge.

Should I Buy this Re-Cell or a New Battery ?
– If you have a battery which works for a short time you can use this service rather than buying a new battery.
– If your Lister Lithium Battery does not work at all then probably we cannot repair it as the Circuit Board may be faulty.

My Original Liberty LITHIUM Battery stopped working after just a year or 2 ?
– Lithium batteries do self discharge so if you store it without charging then it may not charge up again.
– Batteries last longer with regular use.

My Liberty LITHIUM Battery stopped working after I dropped it ?
– If you drop your battery and it stops working then the circuit board may be damaged and you will need to buy a new battery.

Do You Guarantee the Battery ?
– The new Lithium Cells should last around 5 years so long as you charge the battery before storing and use regularly.
– We can guarantee them for 1 year.

Our Tip
Send your clippers to service, batteries to re-cell and clipper blades to sharpen at the same time.  This saves you money on postage and completes more jobs at once.


For Lister Liberty CLASSIC Battery see: https://www.slservice.net/product-page/lister-liberty-battery/

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm
Choose option

Cell Pack – to fit yourself, Cell pack – fitted by us


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