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Professional Scissor Sharpening Service

We use purpose built scissor sharpening machines to sharpen your scissors. The sharpened edges are polished with a leather hone to give very sharp cutting edges.

Maintaining the ride lines or inside faces of your scissors is an essential part of scissor sharpening. This removes damage and keeps them the right shape so the cutting edges meet as the scissors close.

Out of shape inside faces mean the two cutting edges don’t meet and fine material like hair will fold instead of cutting.

Scissor Sharpening Service - SL Service
Scissor Sharpening Service
Hair Scissors
Hair Cutting Scissors

Which Scissors We Sharpen ?

We specialise in sharpening hair cutting scissors such as hairdressing scissors, dog grooming scissors, thinning scissors and chunkers.

We sharpen convex edge scissors, bevel edge scissors, curved scissors and your thinning scissors.

From scissor manufacturers such as Roseline, Geib, Groom Professional, Kenchii, Show Gear, Oster, AbbFabb, etc.

Send Us Your Scissors

Post your scissors & other Items to us:

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL

We recommend posting your scissors in a box rather than a Jiffy bag and wrap your items individually within the parcel so they won’t knock together. 

Royal Mail provide a good parcel service:

Large letter < 25mm thick
1st Class – £1.30 < 100g & £2.30 < 500g 
Small Parcel
1st Class Signed for £4.30 < 2KG 
Special Delivery: £12 < 2KG

Scissor Sharpening Service - SL Service
Scissor Sharpening Service
Scissor Sharpening Service - SL Service
Scissor Sharpening Service

48 Hr Service

We will email when your scissors arrive and normally return your sharpened scissors on the next working day.


Pay for your scissor sharpening by adding sharpening to your cart and checking out.

Or post us your items to us with your contact details included and we will email a receipt with the cost of sharpening and an invoice you can pay online.

How to pack my scissors ?

A good way to pack your scissors is to use a cardboard box and place the scissors between layers of padding. This is easy to do and stops them knocking together. To stop your scissors moving around within your parcel ensure you squash the padding down firmly.

Scissor Sharpening Service - SL Service

How long until I get my scissors back ?

We aim to sharpen and return scissors in 24 Hours from when we receive them.

If you post your scissors on Monday, we will email when it arrives which could be Tuesday. If your scissors arrives on Tuesday then it will be returned on Wednesday and so could be back with you on Thursday.

– 90% of first 1st class post arrives next day but it is not a Guaranteed next day service.

– We post items 5 days per week from Monday to Friday.

Are scissors lost or damaged in the post ?

It is rare for items to be lost in the UK Post.

Very occasionally customers jiffy bags, envelopes and boxes have split open and arrive with us with some contents missing. (2 times in 2021)

– If your scissors can knock together they can be damaged.
– Items posted Royal Mail Signed For have tracking for when delivered and are insured for up to £50.
– So far in 2021 no items sent by us are missing though a few have arrived late.

Can I sharpen my own scissors ?

No (Not Usually!)

– Sharpening scissors blades is not like sharpening knives which have 1 sharp edge.  Scissors have 2 edges which slide past each other and these need to be in close contact to cut well.

– Scissors need both sharp cutting edges and well maintained inside faces to work well.

– Using a knife sharpener removes metal from the inside face of scissor blades which means the cutting edges can no longer meet and the scissors wont cut. If too much metal is removed by a knife sharpener then it wont ever be possible to sharpen your scissors again.

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