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Wahl Arco Battery Re-Cell


Service to fit new cells in your existing Arco Clipper Battery.

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Service to replace the cells in your Wahl Arco clipper battery with high quality new ones, before testing and returning it to you by 1st class post.

  • Wahl Arco
  • Moser Arco
  • Wahl Adelar

For more details see: about clipper battery services.

Post your battery to us :

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL

24 hour service
We aim to return your clipper battery within 1 working day.
If for any reason we can’t meet this target we will email you a revised return date.

How do I know if I need to re cell my arco battery ?
The battery provides power to your Arco Clipper.  When your battery is worn out the power to your clipper is weak and it will run of power quickly.

How can I tell if my arco charger is working ?
While charging a red light will show on the charger and this flashes when charged.
If the red light does not come on then either the battery is not working or the charger is not working.
You can leave the battery in the charger overnight and it may start working.

Battery lifespan
With optimal use the battery cells will last 3 to 5 years.
Lots of short charges and constantly leaving the battery in the charger can reduce battery lifespan.

Battery charger test
Send your charger along with the battery to re-cell and we will test it for free.

Posting used clipper batteries in the UK
Post Office: You can post a used clipper battery at the Post Office but you should include a ‘device’ which is either the clipper or charger.
With UPS: You can post only the battery – Wrap your clipper batteries individually within your parcel and send in a suitable box.

Top tip
If your blades aren’t cutting we can Sharpen Arco Blades for £7, if your batteries are weak we can Re Cell Arco Batteries for £9, we can test your Arco Charger for free and if your Arco Clipper has a problem we can Service it for £15.


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