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Clipper Battery Services

 For many hair clipper models we can replace the battery cells inside your battery which saves you money and recycles your battery.

 You can buy our battery re cell services and send us your clipper battery for us to fit new cells, or we may have replacement cell packs you can fit yourself.

 Replacing the inner battery cells is as good as a new battery but saves you money and recycles your battery.

Oster Pro 3000i Clipper Battery
Lister Liberty Horse Clipper Battery - SL Service

Inner Cell Packs

 For clippers which have a cell pack suitable for you to replace yourself. 

 Currently only for the Lister Liberty battery and Wahl Avalon clipper batteries.

 You will receive a new cell pack with fitting instructions included.

Cell Replacement or Re-Cell

 Re-cell your Andis AGR / AGR+ battery, Heiniger Saphir battery, Heiniger Corldess battery, Heiniger Xplorer, Aesculap CL, Oster Power Pro, Wahl Arco and Liveryman Whisper.

 Your battery will perform well as we use high quality battery cells, spot welded together with nickel tabs.

 Send your batteries to us:

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL

Clipper Service & Repair - SL Service
Clipper Service & Repair - SL Service

Battery Charger Repair

 We can also repair your clipper battery charger.

 Repairing your charger is better value than buying a new one.

 New power supplies are around £20, Circuit boards if available are around £45, Or we can wire in a new compatible charger for around £30.

 Post your charger to us and we will email when it arrives and the cost to repair.

How To Post Clipper Batteries ?

You can post clipper batteries in the UK though there are some rules:

– Batteries should be wrapped individually within your parcel to prevent short circuits or damage.
– Wrap each battery individually in bubble wrap and package these within a cardboard box.

Royal Mail
– You can post a used clipper battery with Royal Mail if you include a “device” which is either the clipper or the charger.
New batteries can be posted without the clipper.
– Under 2Kg Royal Mail Signed For postage costs £4.10

– You can post a clipper battery alone with UPS.
Alkali batteries (NiCd or NiMh): wrap each battery individually in layers of bubble wrap and send in a cardboard box. (eg Andis AGR, Lister Liberty Classic, Heiniger Cordless and Liveryman Whisper)
Lithium Batteries: wrap each battery with bubble wrap, send in a box and attach the label “Lithium Ion Batteries — forbidden aboard passenger aircraft.” (eg Heiniger Saphir, Oster 3000, Aesculap CL)
see – https://www.ups.com/gb/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/batteries.page

How Long To Get My Items Back?

We usually can replace the cells and return your battery in 24 Hours from when we receive it.

If you post your battery on Monday, we will email when it arrives which could be Tuesday. If your item arrives on Tuesday then it will be returned on Wednesday and so could be back with you on Thursday.

– We post items 5 days per week from Monday to Friday.

Are Items Lost or Damaged in the Post?

It is rare for items to be lost in the UK Post.

Very occasionally customers jiffy bags, envelopes and boxes have split open and arrive with us with some contents missing. (2 times in 2021)

– Items posted Royal Mail Signed For have tracking for when delivered and are insured for up to £50.
– So far in 2021 no items sent by us are missing though a few have arrived late.

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