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Liveryman Oil for Hair Clippers


Oil to lubricate your hair clipper blades.


Lubricating oil suitable for all hair clippers.

Oil to lubricate your clipper blades every 10 minutes while clipping.

Select clipper oil:

  • 100ml Liquid Clipper Oil
  • 250ml Liquid Clipper Oil
  • 200ml Spray Clipper Oil

Which oil should I choose?
– Spray oil is easy to use and the spray is cold being an aerosol, but the actual oil is lighter.
– Liquid oil is a thicker lubricant but is less convenient to use.
– The smaller 100ml bottle may be more convenient for hairdressers and small animal groomers while horse groomers may prefer the bigger 250ml oil.


Additional information

Weight N/A

100ml Liquid Oil, 250ml Liquid Oil, 200ml Spray Oil


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