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Clipper Blade Testing


We can assess the performance of your clipper blade.

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We can test your clipper blade to assess how well its working and identify any reasons for poor performance.

You may find your clippers are not working as well as you would like and you believe the problem to be from the clipper blades.  We can assess your blades and see if there are any problems.

Clippers Blades may not perform well for reasons such as:

  • Clipper blades are blunt.
  • Blade tension is too low.
  • The sharpening is innacurate.
  • The sharpened surface is too rough.
  • Burrs and imperfections.
  • Worn out or damaged blades.
  • Clipper is not moving the blades sufficiently.
  • Blades are loose on the clipper.
  • DIY sharpening attempt.

The cutting edges gradually wear and become rounded with use until they no longer cut the hair.

You can adjust the tension yourself on some clippers and if your blades are not cutting then try increasing the blade tension until they work.
If you need to use very high blade tension then the clipper blades are either blunt or there is an issue with the sharpening.
Very high blade tension puts undue strain on the clipper motor and the blades may get quite hot.

Inaccurate Sharpening
If blades are sharpened inaccurately then their are gaps between the cutting teeth and hair will not be cut.  We can generalise three types of inaccurate sharpening, splayed teeth (convex), too much hollow from side to side (too concave) and generally inaccurate across the surface.

If the sharpened surface is textured and rough then some blades wont perform well.

Burrs and other imperfections can interfere with performance.

Worn Out or Damaged
Clipper blades need some features to be intact to work properly which can wear down or be damaged.



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