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Lister Showman Service

Service & Re Cell Lister Showman Clipper

Sarah sent us this lovely old Showman Clipper to service. Although nearly 20 years old its in perfect condition and works as well as any current clipper.

  • Large Clipper Service – £25
  • New catch fitted on the clipper plug – £3
  • New comb pegs – £4
  • Replaced damaged wrist loop string – £1
  • Sharpened Clipper blade – £5
  • Fitted new battery cells – £75

Thank you Sarah for sending us your clipper 👍

DIY sharpened clipper blade

Why is DIY sharpening bad for your clipper blades ?

Sometimes people send us clipper blades which they have tried to sharpen themselves and this is never a good thing.

DIY sharpening on a flat (ish) surface removes more metal at the edges so the surface is rounded down toward the edges (convex).

The harder you try to sharpen your blade on a flat surface then the more rounded (convex) you will make it.

Sandpaper quickly makes them very rounded and a few light passes on a diamond stone is not so bad.

When your blade is rounded down at the edges we must grind the whole surface down to make it flat.

The blade pictured has been sharpened on sandpaper by Geoff. – The darker area in the middles was easy to make flat, but the lighter part towards the edge is rounded down. – This clipper blade would need a lot of grinding to get it flat right to the tips of the blade.


UK to US Power Transformer for Andis Outliner

UK to US Power Transformer for Clippers

We have for sale a UK to US Power Transformer:

  • You can use USA models of clipper from UK mains power.
  • Transforms power from UK 240V 50Hz to USA 120V 60Hz.
  • Costs £60
  • Works well for small and normal size clippers.
  • Tested and working well with USA voltage Andis Outliner and Oster ’97 clippers.
  • https://www.slservice.net/product-page/uk-us-transformer/

Andis AGR Clipper Repair

Recently repaired a 20+ year old AGR clipper.

Jill likes this clipper having bought it from new and is pleased to have it working well again 👍

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