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Dog Grooming Scissors Sharpened

Tracey wanted her grooming scissors sharpened quickly.
She posted them on Monday by Special Delivery, they arrived on Tuesday, were sharpened and returned on Wednesday and she will receive them back on Thursday.


  • 17 x sharpen hair scissors – £136
  • Return post Special Delivery (£750 cover) – £13

Thanks Tracey for sending your items to us. 🖐

SL Service - Your Clipper Service and Sharpening Specialist

Customer Returned Scissors

We sharpened 5 scissors for Rosemary who uses them to cut various fabric. Rosemary returned 3 scissors to us as she believes them to not be sharpened correctly.

Having inspected the scissors we assess them to be sharpened to a high standard with sharp cutting edges and properly maintained inside faces. The scissors Rosemary sent are general purpose scissors which work fine for most purposes but can struggle on thicker fabric.

For reliably cutting thick fabric you do need sturdy scissors which don’t flex and ideally have slightly hollow blade faces.

We did refund Rosemary but as we assessed the work to have been done correctly we cannot accept any further orders from her. 😐

singer sewing scissors sharpening

Old Singer Sewing Scissors

Mike sent us his set of singer sewing scissors with sentimental value having belonged to his mother.

They were not in great condition having notched cutting edges, being tarnished and rusty in places and with a loose hinge screw that could not be unscrewed.

  • Drilled out the old screw, cleaned the screw threads and fitted a new screw with lock nut.
  • Cleaned and polished scissors to restore their shine.
  • Sharpened and polished the notched cutting edges and re established a nice ride line on the inside face.
  • Cost £20 + postage.

Thanks Mike for sending your scissors, they are working well now.  🖐

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