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Wahl Avalon Battery Charger


UK Mains Charger For Your Wahl Moser Avalon Clipper Battery.

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Charger for your Wahl Moser Avalon horse clipper battery.

– UK Plug
– Power indicator light

Please note this will only charge the battery and cannot be used to power the clippers.

– Wahl Avalon Clipper
– Moser Avalon Clipper
– Lister Avalon Clipper

My battery is not working, is it the battery or the charger ?
While your Avalon charger is charging then it will get quite warm.
If your charger does not get hot then most likely it is not working.
flashing green on your battery does indicate your charger is working and the battery is charged.
A steady green light on your battery does not mean the charger is working.

Still not sure what the problem is ?  
Send us your clipper, battery and charger and we can test them for you..

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL
01430 660074

We also sell a mains adapter to power your Avalon clipper from a UK mains socket:

And we sell a new cell pack which fits inside your Avalon battery case:


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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