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Wahl Avalon Battery – Cell Pack


New Cell Pack For Your Existing Wahl Avalon Clipper Battery


– New Avalon Cell Pack to fit yourself (£45)
– Cell pack fitted by us (£50)

  • This is for the inner Cell Pack only and not to buy an entire battery.
  • Makes your Avalon battery work like new and lasts for 3 hours+ clipping.
  • Cheaper than buying a new battery and recycles your batteries outer case.

How to fit the cell pack yourself ?

  1. Open the case with a torx 8 screwdriver.
  2. Cut the 2 wires wires to the old cell pack and remove the old cell pack.
  3. Fit the new cell pack in place & join the 2 wires using the connectors supplied or by soldering.

Otherwise send your battery for us to re cell:

Post your battery and charger to us and we can fit a new cell pack and test your charger.

SL Service
45 Westfield Crescent
Market Weighton, York
YO43 3EL


  • How can I tell if my charger is working OK ?
    A working Aavalon charger will get quite hot when charging.
    If your charger does not heat up then most likely it is not working.
    Flashing green light – means the battery is charged and so the charger is working.
    Steady green light does not mean the charger is working.
  • I’m not sure what the fault is ?  
    Send us your clipper, battery and charger and we can test them for you.

We also sell:

Mains adapter to power your Avalon Clipper from mains power:

New charger for your Avalon battery:


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm

Cell Pack to fit Yourself, Cell Pack Fitted by Us


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