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Andis Blade Drive Assembly


New Blade Drive Assembly or Drive Lever to Fit Andis Clippers.

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New drive lever or blade drive assembly to fit Andis Hair Clippers.

  • Andis AGC
  • Andis AGC2
  • Andis UltraEdge
  • Andis UltraEdge Brushless
  • Andis AGR
  • Andis AGC Brushless
  • Andis Pulse ZR
  • Andis Excel 5 Speed

Found on most Andis Dog Clippers and many Andis Hair Clippers.

The Andis Clipper Blade Drive Assembly or Andis Drive Lever engages with the blades moving it from side to side.  This part wears with use and must be replaced when worn.

Professional groomers may need to change the lever every few months and amateurs once per year.

A technical person can fit the lever themselves.  Remove the drive cap, remove the blade hinge (2 screws), remove the 2 screws in the actual the drive lever and remove the lever.  Line up the new lever carefully so it fits on the 2 tiny studs and firmly press into place.

A less technical person can send their clipper to us for a clipper service and we will fit the lever.

Replacement for Andis part number 20658 and 20659


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